OSIsoft Technology Backbone


Base performance programs are all built in the OSIsoft PI Asset Framework so seamless integration with any existing configuration is not a problem.  Other products leverage the OSIsoft Data Access so communication to the system is seamless.

PI Data Archive


All results of calculations are stored in the PI Data Archive including any future data forecast.  All standard PI visualizations tools can be used to access the information generated in the analysis.  Any needed output data points are automatically generated by the Process Plugins Service.

Process Plugins Service


There is a Windows service that drives all Process Plugins specific Asset Framework Templates.  We can run up to 5 instances to support very large systems in the thousands of assets.  This service leverages all OSIsoft SDK libraries.

PI Asset Framework


The OSIsoft Asset Framework is the heart of the performance monitoring system.  All analysis and configurations are done in plain view so there is no "Black Box" calculations.  The system becomes self documenting in all respects.

No Black Box


There are no "Black Box" calculations in the system.  All analysis and formula are in plain view so anyone can determine how the result is obtained.  Even complex calculations are easy to follow in the Asset Framework structure.

OSIsoft Visualization


All solutions come complete with OSIsoft visualization for easy management of the system.  Add our reporting tool for automated reports sent to user's inbox on any scheduled frequency needed.  With out PI Notifications Service Bus we can then communicate with a wide array of systems like SAP, Maximo, Oracle, EAM etc.