Condition based maintenance through PI Notifications

Create CMMS Connection


Our easy to use tools allow you to import the Web service of any CMMS like SAP, Maximo, MP2, EAM or any system that supports Web Services. The tool then builds a delivery end point for PI Notifications based on the user selections.

Create as Many Connections as Needed


Create connections for different plant areas or different sites.  These can all then be connector to PI Notifications.  Once deployed the connector monitors the connection and provides feedback to PI so any visualization tools can be used to monitor status.

Connect to existing Notifications


Even if you already have a set of PI Notifications in place you can simply connect to the new delivery end point with minimal effort to update.

Connect any Existing Process Plugins Solution


Since all Process Plugins solutions are configured in PI AF they are easily connected to PI Notifications.

Process Plugins Condition Based Maintenance

This video shows the general flow of the process.

More details about pi notifications service bus